Build in Public! A book by Arvid Kahl
Build in Public! A book by Arvid Kahl

Build in Public! A book by Arvid Kahl

Hey there 👋. I'm Arvid and I'm writing a book on the Build in Public movement.
It's called Build in Public! and will be written in public. This means that you'll have in a say in what I'll write about, how I write it, and what the final book will look like.
Let's do this together. In public. Every step along the way, with every win and every fail.
Let's do this together!
Let's do this together!

Current Stage: 🔬 Research & Outlining

Right now, I'm doing research and preparing the outline of the book. Please 📝 check out the outline and let me know your initial thoughts.
Once the outline is solid, I'll work on the first draft. I will immediately share that draft with my Alpha Reader audience.
Together, we'll turn the book from rough draft to a fully-fledged actionable and pragmatic book for people who want to build in public from day one.

How to Participate

You can be part of this journey from the start. Please feel free to 📖 sign up to be an Alpha Reader of Build in Public!
Once I am done with the first draft of the manuscript, I'll make it available to my Alpha Readers and ask them to help me write a great book. For my latest book, The Embedded Entrepreneur, I worked with over 550 founders and indie hackers. I'd love to do it again this time.

If you want to support me and the book, please check out the outline and sign up for the Alpha Reader squad. In the meantime, check out Zero to Sold and The Embedded Entrepreneur. I'll share more updates about this book on Twitter and in my newsletter.
Thank you!
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