Build in Public! Outline
Build in Public! Outline

Build in Public! Outline

Here's a rough outline of the book with the questions that I want to answer in each section. Once the outline is solid, I'll get started with the manuscript. For now, I want to make sure that the book will answer all the question a person interested in Building in Public.
If you want me to add a question to any section — or even a full section, please send an email using this link, mentioning the section and your question.
  • 📖 An Introduction to Building in Public
    • What does Building in Public mean?
    • Who is building in public successfully?
    • Is building in public for me?
    • How will this book help me build in public?
    • I am already building in public. Where do I start reading to learn something new?
  • 📈 The Opportunities of Building in Public
    • Founder Advantages. What's in it for me as a founder? Will I find help and support easier? Will I learn more from building in public than from books?
    • Customer Advantages. How does this help me find customers? Will this make it easier to talk to people?
    • Audience-Building. Can I build an audience by building in public? Will it speed up the process?
    • Trust. Will building in public increase the trust that potential customers and partners have in me and my business?
    • Process and Product. Why should I document those rather boring things? Are there really people who care? Do people really appreciate more than just the product? Is the process interesting? To whom?
    • Synergy. Are there compounding effects for my personal and professional brands?
    • Unexpected Outcomes. What long-term consequences does building in public have? What kind of relationship and documents will I be able to produce over time?
  • 📜 A Short History of Building in Public
    • Origins. When did this start? Is it just a passing fad?
    • Case Studies. Have there been great success stories? Who?
    • Impact. Does this make a difference? Can we attribute success to building in public?
  • 🗺 Where Should I Build in Public?
    • Choosing a Platform. Are certain platforms better than others?
    • Audience Discovery. Where can I find my customers?
    • Community Discovery. Where can I find fellow founders?
    • Community Relevance. How important are communities? Do I need to participate outside of building in public?
    • Go-to-places for Builders. Are there build-in-public communities? Where are they?
  • 📝 How Should I Build in Public?
    • Examples and Templates. What are great examples of people doing this right now? How do I phrase this stuff?
    • What to share. What kinds of content can I share? Metrics? Decisions? Reviews? Something else?
    • Level of detail. How detailed do I have to be? What is too much? What is too little?
    • Collaboration. Do I have to do this all by myself? Are there tools to help? How do I do this with others?
    • Audience. Do I need an audience already? Can I borrow someone else's audience?
    • Motivation. How can I stay motivated to share my journey? How can I stay accountable?
    • Playing in Public. How serious do I have to be? Can I share my experiments?
    • What to avoid. What are the wrong ways of building in public? How can I stay authentic?
  • 🚨 The Risks of Building in Public
    • Oversharing. What if I share too much? Isn't that dangerous? How do I prevent over-sharing? How do I go after copycats?
    • Platform Risk. What if I picked the wrong platform? What if I get kicked off the platform?
    • Scheduling & Priorities. This is a lot of work. How can I make sure I don't neglect my actual business?
    • Mental Health, Perspective, and Mindset. Isn't this confusing my customers? Why would they care? Who am I to share? What if I don't have enough conviction?
  • 🚧 The Limitations of Building in Public
    • Degrees of Building. Are there different intensities to building in public?
    • Timing. When do I start sharing? When do I stop sharing?
    • Dealing with imitators. How do I prevent copycats and clones?
  • 🌅 The Journey Ahead
    • Where can I get started?
    • Where can I learn more?
If anything is missing here, a section, a question, a theme, or anything else, please reach out by sending an email using this link.